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University Base: Alpha Centauri

In the 21st century, situation takes a turn for the worse. Civilization is crumbling, the Earth is dying. In 2060, United Nations sends a colony ship - U.N.S. Unity - to a newly discovered planet orbiting Alpha Centauri's primary star.

Among the small group of colonists to leave the ravages of Earth is Prokhor Zakharov, a brilliant scientist desperate to flee the chaos of his motherworld to start anew beneath an alien sky.

This is his story.

100 Light Years

We're taking a look at some of the interesting things within a 100-light-year radius and also learning a bit about cosmic distances along the way!

Galactic Census

Our galaxy is packed with hundreds of billions of stars, and yet we haven't organized a galactic census! Where are all those Vulcans, Vogons, and Vorlons?

Celestial Tales

The enhanced view of the night sky has played a pivotal role in the advancement of our civilization.