My name is Ratimir Rakuljic, and no, this is not my cat pouncing on a keyboard. That's actually my name! Well, name and surname, to be precise.

It's a perfectly normal name in Croatia, I promise.

For the last 15 years I've been compositing/supervising/animating VFX, and doing all sorts of 2D/3D magic on a multitude of audio-visual projects, writing short films and TV series, and directing live action and animated films.

For a full list of professional film and TV projects I've worked on, take a look at my IMDb page. Some of my personal projects are detailed on my ArtStation profile, while all of my projects are listed right here.

Some of my films have won awards, while others have won hearts and minds. I can't believe I just unironically wrote the previous sentence.

On the subject of awards, I won a Golden Arena Award for VFX - sort of like an Oscar, but Croatian - at the 63rd Pula Film Festival. It's nice and shiny.

I'm also a huge nerd enthusiast of science, technology, and history, and - particularly - a geek an afficionado of astronomy and science fiction.

Don't hesitate to say hi anytime, that's what the contact page is there for. You see, I've thought of everything!