Ratimir Rakuljic

Director, Animator, and CG/VFX Artist with 15 years of industry experience spanning feature films, episodic television, and advertising, including both live-action and animated projects.

A connoisseur of science, technology, and history. Also, an enthusiast of astronomy and science fiction.

Most of my film and TV work (VFX and other) is listed on my IMDb page, some of my portfolio can also be found on my ArtStation profile, as well as on this website, which is mostly dedicated to personal projects.

For a bit different introduction, take a look at the about page.

University Base: Alpha Centauri

In the 21st century, situation takes a turn for the worse. Civilization is crumbling, the Earth is dying. In 2060, United Nations sends a colony ship - U.N.S. Unity - to a newly discovered planet orbiting Alpha Centauri's primary star.

Among the small group of colonists to leave the ravages of Earth is Prokhor Zakharov, a brilliant scientist desperate to flee the chaos of his motherworld to start anew beneath an alien sky.

This is his story.

Galactic Census

Our galaxy is packed with hundreds of billions of stars, and yet we haven't organized a galactic census! Where are all those Vulcans, Vogons, and Vorlons?